Aadi month is never a bad or inauspicious month. Contrary to popular belief, it's the best month for the worship of Goddess Durga to receive Her blessings.

In Tamil Nadu, it is commonly believed that worshipping Goddess Durga brings rain needed to cultivate the crops in the coming months. As such, farmers and even commoners pray to the goddess on Tuesdays (Aadi Sevvai), Fridays (Aadi Velli) and Sundays (Aadi Nyayiru) in the month.

Hindu temples will be filled with special poojas and celebration on each of these days. The devotees of Goddess Durga will celebrate Her in the hopes of receiving blessings for a peaceful and prosperous life.

For those who are wondering how to worship the goddess on the different auspicious days, we have a quick guide for you here:

Aadi Sevvai (Tuesdays in Aadi month)

Generally, Tuesdays are auspicious for Goddess Durga, and in the month of Aadi, women perform special rituals in Durga temples to ensure the happiness and well-being of their family members.

Usually, women are advised to visit a Durga temple near them and bring a garland made of Ghanera flower (Arali Poo) and special lamps made of lemon or rice flour. The items are then presented to the goddess seeking for Her blessings.

Alternatively, those who can't visit temples, can perform the same ritual at home and pray to the goddess.

Aadi Velli (Fridays in Aadi month)

The Fridays in the Aadi month are auspicious to remember and worship your ancestors. On these days, there's a practice of worshipping the Neem tree in the morning after taking bath. The pooja is as simple as just spreading some turmeric and 'kum kum' (red powder) on the tree bark and lighting an earthen lamp.

If you can't find a Neem tree near you, there's another option. Simply find a branch of Neem leaves and prepare a 'kalasam'. Here's how you make it:

Once you have prepared the items for the pooja, cook three or five types of rice as mentioned in the video to be presented in front of the 'kalasam' (which is believed as Goddess Durga).

Aadi Nyayiru (Sundays in Aadi month)

Feeding the poor is seen as a virtuous act in Hinduism. Sundays that fall in the month of Aadi are usually special for 'annadhanam' which is the offering of food in temples or even at home. On these days, Durga devotees would usually prepare a food called 'koolu' (a porridge made from rice or millet) to be offered to poor or underprivileged people.

For more information regarding the rituals performed on these auspicious days, kindly watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Detroit Indian Community & Chetak Travels