The Aadi Sale is here offering discounts up to 50%..Every year during the Aadi festival, people make a beeline to textile stores, jewelry shops and home appliances outlets with posters blaring the words ‘offer’, ‘sale’ and ‘discount’.

But does AADI only refer to ‘sales’?

Aadi is the fourth month in the Tamil calendar, falling between mid-July and mid-August. Having said that, in the year 2023 - Aadi begins on July 17 and ends on August 17. In the Aadi month, Lord Surya (the Sun God) is said to shift his direction from north to south.

Many people consider Aadi to be inauspicious and avoid major celebrations such as marriages during this month.

But did you know the reason behind it?

It is because this month marks the beginning of dawn or night time for the devas, or demigods (‘dakshinaayana punyakalam’). So, it would be difficult to receive their aashirwadams or blessings while they were resting.

That is why this month has been created mainly for spiritually insightful thought. If there are no auspicious events happening during these months, it also means that this is the ‘downtime’ of the jewellery and saree business because there will be no purchasing mandated. This is why there are ‘Aadi sales.’

To attract more customers during this dull shopping period, Retailers started giving offers, which is very hard to resist for even an occasional buyer. Fast moving and pricey goods are offered at unimaginable rates that in turn attracts everyone.

Returning to the contradiction, Aadi was traditionally seen as the most inauspicious time of the year, particularly for weddings or starting fresh businesses, yet it was also the most important time of the year. Frequently, a lack of festive spirit led to a gloomy shopping season. In an effort to increase sales, retailers across the state started to advertise bargains and discounts; these campaigns are presently ongoing. Even those who declare they have no desire to shop find it challenging to resist the enticing hoardings of "60% off" flashing outside of businesses.

This is why it is important for us to examine our Hindu traditions and beliefs from a scientific and rational perspective, in addition to a religious one. Numerous ideas that they came up with have greatly facilitated our lives.

Source: The College Tribune , The Hindu