Musician Sai Abhyankkar, who burst onto the Indie music scene with his hit track 'Katchi Sera,' has returned with a new song that is poised to become a viral sensation. The new track, titled 'Aasa Kooda,' features vocals by Abhyankkar and his sister Sai Smriti, and stars actress Preity Mukundhan alongside the singer-composer.

In just 9 days the music video has reached 5 MILLION of views along with 109k likes, guys!

The son of renowned singers Tippu and Harini, has carved out his own space in the music industry. In an exclusive interview with Mirchi Plus, Abhyankkar discussed the influence of his parents on his music career.

"My parents have never dictated what I do, but they ensured I received proper guidance by connecting me with the right mentors. They enrolled me in Hentry Kuruvilla Sir’s music college, where I learned production and sound engineering. After my 10th standard, I pursued online schooling, which allowed me to focus on my passion. I am forever grateful to them," he shared.

'Aasa Kooda' has quickly gained traction, with its Tamil fusion melody making waves across various platforms. The song has not only dominated viral dance reels but also climbed to the top of Indian music charts. Impressively, the 19-year-old's track has secured a spot-on YouTube's 'Global Weekly Top Songs' list, showcasing its international appeal.

With its infectious rhythm and compelling composition, 'Aasa Kooda' has fans grooving to every beat, further cementing Sai Abhyankkar's status as a rising star in the music industry.

Source / Image Credit : Mirchi Plus , Think Music India