Actress Bhavana is starring in the remake of the Tamil film “96” in Kannada. Titled as “99”, she had only signed on because she loved the message behind it and for the chance to work with director Preetham Gubbi and producer Ramu.

In an interview with Times of India, she said that she personally was not in a relationship during her schooling years as she went to a Convent school. She had also started acting at the age of 15 and had missed out on going to college.

When asked if it’s possible for a person to remain friends with an ex, she said that she believes that it is indeed possible. She has had her share of relationships and heartaches. She also spoke of the time when she had met an ex and they treated each other with respect. She added that she has been lucky so far as she has never been in a relationship that ended badly.

She said maturity plays a big factor for her philosophical view on relationships.

“The way I looked at love in my 20s is different than in 30s. Not only love, but the whole perspective of life and relationship changes as you age. We all face issues in our relationships, and when they come to an end, we have to accept it and move on. Then, you meet some other person, get married, perhaps, and build a life with them. Even failed relationships are beautiful experiences. What’s the point of going through life without having had such experiences?”

The beautiful actress has tied the knot with her long time boyfriend and film producer Naveen in 2018.

Photo Credit: IBTimes & Reportep