The highly anticipated Tamil film "Indian 2," starring global icon Kamal Haasan, is set to release on July 12. Directed by Shankar and produced by Lyca Productions, this film is a continuation of the 1996 classic "Indian." The music for the film has been composed by Anirudh.

In a recent interview, actress Sukanya recounted a challenging experience during the filming of the original "Indian" in 1996.

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She stated:

"During the narration, I was informed about a scene where British characters would be harassing women by taking off their clothes. I immediately asked how this scene would be filmed. They assured me that I would be positioned behind a tree and it would only involve a voice-over. They explained that this setup would lead to a close-up of my face, and only after this explanation did I agree to the role."

However, when filming commenced, the scene was executed differently than described. Despite the unexpected change, Sukanya chose to remain silent to avoid disrupting the shooting environment.

Source : JoynusicHD, TrendTalkies