The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, soon to be announced as the endemic, has uprooted our lives and routines, forcing us to adapt to new norms and strict SOPs that include work-from-home and online learning cultures. This static lifestyle has caused a surge in stress level, and a decrease in physical activities among adults and children that leads to weight gain and jeopardize one's health in the long run.

So check out these simple lifestyle changes that might help to shed your 'pandemic' weight gain and most importantly to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

1. Start healthy eating patterns and avoid skipping meals

Come up with an eating schedule and avoid skipping meals at any cost. Add plenty of vegetables to your meals, and try to eat smaller portions of healthy meals several times a day. Most importantly, reduce your sugar intake.

2. Replace junk foods with healthy alternatives

It's a common behaviour to snack on junk food when you're bored at home or feeling stressed. Replace these with healthy alternatives such as fruits and nuts which will aid in your weight loss journey.

3. Get a good night sleep and start your day early

Avoid staying up till late at night and practice going to sleep latest by 10pm. Keep your smartphones and other gadgets away from your bedroom. This will help you to start your day early and fresh, as well as give you plenty of time to work on yourself.

4. Engage in simple exercises

Engage yourself in simple yet effective exercises throughout the day. Try to move around your house every 30 minutes, and adapt an extended exercise session during your free time. Adding music to your exercise routine might keep you less focused on feeling tired.

5. Focus on hobbies to keep stress under control

Mental health is equally important to physical health. Focus on your mental health and engage in your favourite hobbies to reduce stress. Practicing yoga will also be a good option to keep your stress away.

6. Take baby steps and consistency is the key

Make these simple steps to your daily routine, and be consistent. It might be difficult at first, but it will turn into a habit over time and help to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.