Actor and former Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Vanitha Vijaykumar reported an alleged attack on Saturday night by an individual claiming to be a supporter of evicted contestant Pradeep Antony from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7.

Vanitha took to her X handle on Sunday to share an image of her injury, stating the incident. In response, Pradeep Antony addressed the situation through his social media platform, sharing a screenshot of a conversation between him and Vanitha. He asserted his lack of awareness regarding the events leading to her injury, denied any involvement, and clarified that he holds no animosity towards Vanitha, her daughter, or any fellow contestant.

Pradeep's statement read, 'Clarification: I really don't have anything against any of my contestants or anyone. I speak like this with them. @vanithavijayku1 I'm not aware of what happened to you, but I feel sorry for you. Take rest. Jovika is smart; she can win it by herself; she doesn't need your help.'

It's noteworthy that Vanitha's daughter, Jovika, a fellow contestant, had earlier expressed concerns about Pradeep's behaviour, resulting in his expulsion from the show. The incident and subsequent developments highlight the complexities within the reality show and the varying perspectives of the contestants involved.

Source: India Today,