An inspiration and a reminder that no dream is too big!

The 8-year-old Malaysian girl named Amirthaa Matiwannan identified 254 world flags in just 4 minutes and 21 seconds and stamped her name in prestigious Kalam’s World Records.

When it comes to mastering a skill, Amirthaa Mathiwaannan is the prime example of an inspiring and determined 8 year old. In March this year, she began learning the names and visuals of the world flags and within a short period of time, she was able to memorise them with ease!

According to her mother, Shalinee Mathiwaannan, Amirthaa taught herself a unique method of reading and reciting the flags before looking at them again to recall the name. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to Amirthaa's perseverance and dedication to learning.

Having said that, the young lass gained entry into Kids World Records (Canada), International Books of Records, and Jackie Book of World Records, have also approved and certified her achievement.

Congratulations lil one. We are immensely proud of her achievement and congratulate her for stamping her name in Kalam's World Records!

Image Credit / Source: World of Buzz