In a heartwarming video of compassion, 63-year-old C. Anjala Devi has captured the admiration of netizens after a video of her feeding a young man at Hospital Sultanah Aminah went viral.

Speaking to Harian Metro, Anjala, who resides in Larkin, shared that she was at the hospital visiting her nephew, K. Jaya Shankar, who had been admitted following a heart attack.

Anjala noticed the young man struggling with his meal and decided to help, saying, "I thought of him as my son and helped him as I could not stand to see him struggle."

Watch the full video here:

@jamzapparels Saw him struggling to eat and my family got their back✨? #hsa ♬ original sound - Tamil BGM

Her nephew, K. Jamunahwathy, who recorded the video, expressed that he was moved by his aunt's act of kindness. Although he did not anticipate the video gaining widespread attention, he is glad it has highlighted that compassion transcends race and religion.

The short video shows Anjala patiently feeding the young man, who appears emotional and wipes away tears while eating. Indeed, an emotional and since the video went viral, it has received an outpouring of positive reactions from Malaysians on social media, many of whom commended Anjala's kindness and shared their own stories of receiving help from strangers while hospitalized.

Thank you Jamz for capturing this beautful moment!

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Source / Image Credit : Harian Metro