For all the adventurous young ladies out there, who loves hiking to the core; We are offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to hike 6 famous peaks in Malaysia.

If you're a Malaysian female between the age of 21 and 30, who's able to converse well in Tamil and have a basic fitness and endurance level, then you are the one we are looking for:

• You will be given the opportunity to hike 6 famous peaks in Malaysia.
• You're welcomed to give a try no matter which profession you're from.
• You will be accompanied by a professional guide along the way.
• A medical and rescue team will be available all the time to assist in case of emergency.
• You will be filmed by our Astro Vaanavil crew.

And if you're not a hiking-junkie, here are 6 reasons on why you should be one right away...

1. It helps to improve your health

Hiking is considered to be one of the best outdoor exercises which help to keep you healthy and energized. You can see a whole lot of improvement in your overall health.

2. Reduce risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Hiking decreases the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke by maintaining the lipoprotein levels and decreasing triglyceride levels in one's body.

3. Control Diabetes

Regular hiking reduces our body's blood sugar level and help to control diabetes.

4. Increases your bone thickness

Regular hiking also develop strong bones, which help to fight osteoporosis and arthritis.

5. Lowers your cancer risk

Hiking will lower risk of breast cancer, colon cancer and also help to decrease the risk of lung cancer.

6. Elevates your mood

This is the only physical activity that can tranquil your nerves. Scenic hiking will dismiss stress and group hiking provides great chance to socialize and share thoughts.

So wait no more! Come join our fitness test on 25th February at Bukit Wawasan, Puchong.