So you think you are in the pink of health? Think again, as you may need to see a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

1. Hair loss

One of the last areas in the body to receive vital nutrients, if you notice a rapid loss of hair, it can be an indication that your body does not have enough nutrients to deliver to your crowning glory. Some loss of hair is normal but if it happens rapidly and in clumps, it is advisable to see a doctor.

2. Feeling anxious

This is a tough one to tell because it could just overlap with your normal stress of dealing with life in general. However, if you find yourself more anxious than usual or anxious about things that never used to bother you, it could be diet related. A blood test would be able to confirm on that.

3. Constantly feeling itchy

If you are scratching your skin more than usual, that would be a warning sign from your liver. The skin feels irritated because the bile is now in the bloodstream, due to liver damage which would have prevented it from happening.

4. Bad breath

You could blame poor oral hygiene on this one but it could also be a sign of gingivitis. It is a serious form of gum disease that should not be ignored.

5. Discoloured nails

The nails are also one of the first parts to show signs of illness. Lookout for ridges, discoloration, changes in thickness and bumps. Mostly, it could be caused by vitamin deficiency but it is best to see a doctor for confirmation.

6. Bad skin

If your skin looks dulls or if spots and rashes are starting to appear, chance are your body isn't doing too well. You could start loading up on vitamins A and C and see if that helps.

7. Muscle cramping

Nutrient deficiency and overworked muscles are the most common reasons for muscle cramps. However, insufficient blood flow due to inadequate blood supply and an inactive lifestyle could also be another reason.

8. Snoring

Snoring could be a sign of sleep apnea which is a sleeping disorder where the airway is obstructed which could lead to heart problems.

Source: The List
Photo Credit: Medical News Today