Don’t you agree that there are those extra emotional triggers related to the most joyful and stressful time of year?

Thankfully, Astro Ulagam is here to unwrap the wisdom of Ayurveda to help you find inner peace amid the seasonal chaos.

1) Tackle your digestion

Your gut is super important for a healthy immune system and because of its serotonin receptors, your brains are happy. Otherwise, everything starts to spiral in a negative direction. Tackle your gut by eating your main meal at lunch rather than for dinner.

2) Be your own massage therapist

Practice the art of Abhyanga which is Ayurveda’s daily oil massage on your own. The gentle massage will increase circulation, loosen toxins and stimulate nerve endings that results in a sense of calm you can carry with you.

3) Embrace aromatherapy

Keep a few balancing Ayurvedic oils on hand at your desk and when you’re feeling frazzled, smell a few and the one that smells the best at that time is the one your body is craving to create balance in that moment.

4) Stop skimping on sleep

Ayurvedic principles recommend turning in before 10:00 p.m. and waking with the sunrise. If that’s not practical, at least power down electronics and slow down a half hour before you’re going to hit the hay.

5) Meditate

Learning to find some silence within will go a long way towards keeping cool when otherwise your feathers may have been ruffled. Unlike sleep, where you lose awareness, you actually stay restfully alert when you meditate. So, your body is very relaxed but your body is also tuned in.

Picture credit: pexels