Luxury Trains in India You Must Experience!

  • 16 Aug 2019

A rail journey is a perfect way to get acquainted with an area, while luxuriating in comfort during the commute from attraction to attraction.

While these trips might cost more than travelling like a local, they are certainly worth every cent.

Maharaja's Express

The Maharaja's Express held the award of "World's Leading Luxury Train" for seven years straight! They host several kinds of journeys, each covering a few states. They provide a glimpse into Indian culture during the day, and allow you to fall asleep in a "presidential suite" at night!

Golden Chariot

Their motto is "Many worlds, one voyage". That is certainly true! With a one week-long train journey you can get familiarised with the most famous sights in multiple states like Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. All the coaches are deep purple and gold, and are adorned with their logo of a mythological elephant-lion.

Deccan Odyssey

This luxury train aims to be the whole five-star experience on wheels. It even contains a bar, sauna and business centre. It explores both popular and "undiscovered" areas of the west-central regions. The Deccan Odyssey offers six different itineraries; the most out of any on this list.

Palace on Wheels

This was the original luxury train that inspired the other three on this list. It was founded in 1982 to promote tourism in Rajasthan. The 23 coaches are decorated with cultural furniture and art. There are two restaurants, a spa and Wi-Fi internet to keep passengers entertained as they wait for the next stop.

Article Source: Trans India Travels

Photo Source: Follow Me Away, The Maharaja's Express, Orient Rail Journeys, Deccan Odyssey, World Easy Guides

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