Raasi Pairs That Shouldn't Unite In Marriage!

  • 13 Nov 2019

Checking 'Jathaga Porutham' (star compatibility) before uniting in marriage is an ancient tradition in Hinduism which is practiced to date.

The compatibility check is conducted to ensure the stars (Raasi) of both the bride and groom allow them to live a peaceful life together.

However, not all marriages which have a good jathagam porutham survive the test of time. Some marriages fail due to the couple's karma.

According to the general horoscope readings in Hinduism, the couple with these star pairing should not unite in marriage which might end up in failure:

Simmam - Kanni

A pairing of Simmam and Kanni will end up as a failure, as Simmam will somehow overpower the relationship. Despite a good start, the couple will end up parting ways in the end.

Meenam - Simmam

The couple who has a Meenam-Simmam pairing can't get along with each other. Their affectionate relationship will turn sour at one point, and they will even start hating each other's company once their love started fading.

Mesham - Viruchigam

The Mesham - Viruchgam pair will have constant dispute from the start. Mesham has the habit of hiding the truth, and Viruchagam is very suspicious. The couple will face challenges in sorting out their indifferences.

Rishabam - Kumbam

Rishabam likes to live luxuriously, but Kumbam is the total opposite. They can get along well, but jealousy will cause friction in their relationship. 

Simmam - Rishabam

The Simmam and Rishabam pair are very similar in character. At some point in life, they will start competing against each other.

Mithunam - Kadagam

Mithunam and Kadagam make a good pair. However, Kadagam needs to be very devoted to Mithunam to ensure the relationship last long. Or else, they can be easily part ways.

Thanasu - Magaram

The Thanasu - Magaram couple don't see a future together. Thanasu is very spiritual and Magaram is a workhorse. Even though they can provide the necessities for each other, their life will be missing the spark.

Kanni - Mithunam

The Kanni and Mithunam pair will live a problematic life. Mithunam will look for a simplistic life, and Kanni requires financial stability. Thus, they will have constant misunderstandings, besides facing financial trouble.

Mithunam - Viruchigam

This pair will not be transparent with each other. The problem starts the moment they start hiding things from their partner. 

Kumbam - Kadagam

Kumbam and Kadagam pair will develop trust issues in their relationship. They will have misunderstandings and couldn't live peacefully without trusting each other.

Thulam - Meenam

They will keep on creating unwanted problems and will fail to come up with a solution. Thus, their lives will be lack of happiness.

Mesham - Kadagam

The Mesham - Kadagam pair will have good mental compatibility but will be lacking the physical closeness. They won't genuinely care for each other, even if they stick together.

These are just the general compatibility reading. One can get a more detailed and accurate compatibility horoscope reading by checking with a reliable astrologer.

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