Do's And Don'ts Of Thaipusam 2020

  • 07 Feb 2020

Hindus around the country have begun flocking to Murugan temples nationwide for Thaipusam. 

Be it at the Batu Caves temple in Gombak, or the Penang Waterfall Hill temple in Penang, or other prominent murugan abodes in Sungfai Petani, or Ipoh, here are some of the Do's and Don'ts you should be absorb, regardless of whether you are there as a devotee or a visitor. 


Take safety precautions:  In light of the 2019-nCoV corona virus which is rapidly spreading throughout the world, the Health Ministry has advised devotees and visitors alike to take precautionary measures such as regularly washing their hands with water and soap, or hand sanitiser, and wear face masks. 

Safety does not only concern one's health. Those going to temples are also advised not to wear gold jewellery that are clearly visible, and carry handbags and valuables in a careless manner, that might attract snatch thieves or robbers. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle: While paying penance to Lord Murugan, it is also possible for one to be environment conscious at the same time. One can bring his/her own plastic bottles from home, to avoid buying (and later discarding) them at the temple premises, which will only add to the pile of garbage there. 

The yellow cloth used to wrap around the milk pots can also be recycled by taking them home, washing and reusing them for the following years. This is because these pieces of cloth are one of the most discarded items at the riverbank near Batu Caves. 

Waste that cannot be reused can also be brought home, and then recycled. 

Take public transport: Please consider taking public transport to your destination, or at least carpool, as most of the roads leading towards the major temples are closed. By doing this, you can also save the hassle of getting stuck in a traffic jam. Better still, you can also reduce the carbon footprint at the same time. 

Keep your children safe/contactable

It is easy to lose track of your little ones in huge crowds at the temples. This can be avoided by telling the elder kids on what to do if such a thing happens, such as calling your mobile phone number if they have their own phones, or at least tell the stage announcer or whoever found them, their parents' numbers.

You can also bring along a stroller, or a leash that can be connected to your kids' wrists, for the little ones. Also, given the current health situation, bring hand sanitizer or wet wipes, and some light snacks to keep their little tummies filled. 


Park indiscriminately

Driving to your destination and parking indiscriminately will not only cause a headache to others, but may also cause your car to be clamped or towed away by the authorities. 

Play firecrackers

Last year, 34 people were injured when several men set off firecrackers outside Batu Caves. Two men were subsequently arrested by the police. Don't do this, and get booked. 

Take fancy kavadis

Some temples have already banned kavadis that bear the logos of football clubs, for instance, but still, just don't try any stunts. Kavadis are supposed to be a divine symbol to pay dues to Lord Murugan, hence don't cheapen by designing it to your whims and fancies. 

Dress provocatively

It goes without saying that one has to dress decently when going to the temple. Don't wear dresses/shirts/sarees that can provoke others into teasing you, and give reason for "spraying" groups to crop up. 

These are just some of the tips that Astro Ulagam hopes, would enable everyone to have a peaceful and cordial Thaipusam celebration. 

Astro Ulagam's Thaipusam 2020 LIVE is going to be bigger and better this year! Stay tuned with us from 5pm, 7th February to 10pm, 8th February 2020 (Msian Time) to get LIVE updates from temples across Malaysia. Visit for more info.​ #VelVel

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