Keeping Up With Yoga During The MCO

  • 20 Apr 2020

Nizha Periaswamy

The Movement Control Order (MCO) may have dampened the efforts of many who want to keep fit, be it via workouts at gymnasiums or yoga. 

However, the advancement of technology has enabled to keep up to fitness, as well as yoga lessons, online. 

Below are a few guidelines for you to follow when following a virtual yoga class. 

  • Use teleconferencing applications such as Google Hangout video call, WhatsApp video conference all, or Zoom and Team applications to keep in touch with your yoga instructor or yoga mates. Just make sure the applications you use are safe and secure. 
  • Yoga instructors and teachers may approach their students to create passive income through teaching yoga online, using the above mentioned applications. 
  • Some organisations, both local and international, are providing free yoga lessons online. Those who are struggling financially during the MCO or lockdown to keep up with paid lessons may try and get in touch with such free lesson providers. There are plenty to browse through.
  • Some instructors/teachers are making video clips of complete yoga sessions and sharing it on their social media channels. If you are keen on trying different learning methods from various instructors, this may just work for you. 
  • Do self-practice if you are an experienced yoga student. Just make sure you have the discipline to keep up to it daily or weekly. 
  • Perform family yoga. Gather all your family member and convince them to do yoga, asanas, breathing techniques, or meditation. Make it a family activity, especially for the elders. Show them the "wonders" yoga can do. 
  • If you are "stuck" with friends, either in campus, or dormitory, plan a session with them. Use online platforms or conference applications to do guided yoga sessions. It's often more "fun" to do with friends!
  • Keep browsing the internet. There are many Youtubers who provide simple yoga lessons for beginners on the video sharing platform. Try them out!

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your yoga adventures from the comfort of your own space!

Nizha Periaswamy is a yoga instructor and freelance writer.

Photo source: Shutterstock via Jakarta Post

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