Go Shop’s Mid-Year Sales Offer Up To 60% off, Products Below RM19!

  • 24 Jun 2020

In conjunction with Go Shop’s Mid-Year Sales, customers can enjoy up to 60% off, final clearance and purchase products below RM19 from now until 15 July 2020. Customers can use code ‘MYS25’ to get up to RM35 discount for products showcased on Go Shop’s TV programmes.  

In addition, Go Shop has also launched two new programmes, “Love Can’t Wait” and “Go Fit”, focusing on health and wellness. Love Can’t Wait is a series highlighting the important role our parents have in our lives and how Go Shop can help to deliver joy and happiness through a wide range of product selections in conjunction with Parents’ Day. Love Can’t Wait airs every Tuesday at 11am on Go Shop RUUMA (CH 118) until 4 August 2020.

Go Fit features the personal fitness and wellness journey of the Go Shop TV hosts, along with their diet and fitness plan from experts. This programme encourages viewers to challenge themselves by adapting to a fit and healthy lifestyle with easy exercise routines and simple nutritious meal plans. Go Fit airs every Thursday and Sunday at 11am on Go Shop GAAYA (CH 120) from 25 June to 2 August 2020. 

Shop on Go Shop via Astro CH118, CH120, CH111 and CH303, and the Go Shop app from Google Play and App Store.

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