Ramayana: 7 Unknown Facts that Shocked Us!

  • 13 Aug 2018

Ramayana is an important legend of Hindu mythology alongside the Mahabharata. Ramayana is about the faithful King Lord Rama and his epic battle against Ravana to save his wife, Sita.

The mythology, written by sage Valmiki on the instructions of Sage Narada, teaches us many valuable lessons about ‘dharma’, karma, loyalty, devotion to parents and duty towards citizens. Though most Hindus are familiar with this story since young, there are many unknown facts of this story.

These are the hidden facts of Ramayana:

1. Ravana is a devotee of Lord Shiva. To impress the Lord, he actually sacrificed his head. Each time he sacrificed his head, it actually grew back. This happened for 10 times until Lord Shiva granted 10 heads to Ravana which signifies the 6 shastras and 4 vedas that Ravana mastered.

2. In the effort to safeguard Rama and Sita, Laxman did not sleep at all for 14 years! This is why, he is known as Gudakesh, the man who defeated sleep. Instead, Laxman’s wife, Urmila who was at Ayodha slept for 14 years, both completing her and Laxman's share or sleep. Urmila was a lesser known character in the tale of Ramayana. 

3. Ram is the 7th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, and after Krishna, is considered to be Vishnu’s most important avatar. Ram is also seen to be the ideal man and a perfect human, not physically but mentally and spiritually. 

4. Sita is actually not the real daughter of King Janaka but actually the daughter of Bhumadevi or mother earth, found by the King in the fields. Sita is actually the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi and her love story with Rama is believed to be one of the oldest and famous love stories of all time. 

5. Lord Hanuman took a vow of celibacy and did not have a wife because he dedicated his life to the devotion of Rama, and the attainment of Dharma. Hanuman, once covered himself in kum kum to protect Rama. That is the reason why he is called Bajrang Bali. 

6. Nandi, the gatekeeper of Lord Shiva stopped Ravana from meeting Lord Shiva when Ravana went to Kailash. Ravana made fun of Nandi’s appearance and this angered Nandi. He then cursed Ravana’s kingdom, Lanka will be destroyed by monkeys. This curse came true when Hanuman burnt Lanka and then destroyed by Vanara Sena along with Rama and the rest. 

7. When Ravan was left to fight the battle with Ram and his army of monkeys, he organized a Yagna for his victory. The caveat was, he could not leave the Yagna. Aware of this, Ram seek the help of the son of Bali, Angada,to create a chaos in Ravana’s palace. Despite it all, Ravana remained focused and this prompted Angada to pull Mandodari’s hair. Mandodari is Ravana’s wife. In the beginning he remained focused but as his wife pleaded for his help, Ravan left the Yagna. 

Do you know more facts about Ramayana? Share it with us!

Picture Credit: Zee News India, Selasar, SpeedIndia24 and 9Hues

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