Drinking Carbonated Drinks Can Cause Cancer & Depression?

  • 25 May 2020

Are you quenching your thirst with your all-time favorite carbonated drinks?

It’s time for you to come to your senses that a soda a day will kill you every day!

Astro Ulagam found how the carbonated drinks destroy your body day by day. The scary truth will keep you away from the vending machines.

1) Accelerated Aging

The phosphate and phosphorus increases the shelf life of carbonated drinks but could shorten yours.

2) Breast Cancer

The BPA coatings in soda can linings can disrupt your hormones that promotes breast cancer.

3) Fatty Blood

A soda a day increases the triglycerides by 30% and hardens your arteries.

4) Urinary Issues

Drinking a cup of soda is linked to worsening of urinary problems which includes more nighttime trips to the bathroom.

5) Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Drinking a soda a day for 6 months increases liver fat by up to 142%.

6) Kidney Stones

Downing one or more sodas a day increases your risk of developing kidney stones by up to 33%.

7) Prostate Cancer

Men who drink 1 sweetened soda a day face a 40% increase in developing aggressive prostate cancer.

8) Violent Behavior

People who drink 5 or more cans of soda a week are more likely to act aggressively.

9) Depression

Regularly drinking aspartame-sweetened sodas increases older adults’ risk of depression by up to 36%.

10) Tooth Sensitivity

Phosphoric and citric acid alters the pH balance in the mouth and lead to permanent enamel erosion.

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