How to Trick Yourself into Being Happy?

  • 16 Sep 2019

Don’t you agree that Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins are responsible for your happiness?

Although certain situation is needed to trigger these neurotransmitters, you can always intentionally cause them to flow!

Astro Ulagam found simple ways to hack into your positive neurochemicals. Always remember being in a positive state has significant impact on your motivation, productivity, and wellbeing.

1) Dopamine: Motivates you to take action toward your goals, desires, needs and gives you a surge of reinforcing pleasure when achieving them.

# Procrastination, self-doubt and lack of enthusiasm are linked with low levels of dopamine.

- Learn to break big goals down into little pieces to create little finish-lines which releases dopamine.

- Create new goals before achieving your current one to ensure a consistent pattern of experiencing dopamine.

2) Serotonin: Flows when you feel significant or important.

   # Loneliness and depression are present when serotonin is absent.

- Practice gratitude to remind that you’re valued and significant.

- Get some daily sun exposure for boosting your serotonin levels.

3) Oxytocin: Creates intimacy, trust and strengthens relationships.

   # Created by mothers during childbirth and breastfeeding.

- Don’t forget to give your loved ones a hug.

- Giving someone a gift will also rise their oxytocin levels.

4) Endorphins: Released in response to acute pain and stress to help alleviate anxiety and depression.

   # Passing motion and running is a result of endorphins.

- Laughter is one of the easiest way to induce endorphin release.

- Keep some scented oils and dark chocolate for a quick endorphin boost.

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