What’s With the Undying Love and Obsession for Oviya?

  • 27 Jul 2017

In the first episode, Oviya was an exasperating contestant for some viewers who were live-tweeting.

She was made fun for her “contemporary clothing” and too much “greasepaint” on her face.

Oviya’s housemates alleged that she was too egotistical and rude. Then, the headstrong, independent and blissful Oviya started out to be an outlandish to the group. As a result, she was up for elimination for not participating enough or for talking back.

Astonishingly, she made a swift soar in Bigg Boss but how and why?

What made Oviya stand out was the position she took up in the house as a spectator and witness. She carried with her a standpoint that safeguarded her from petty-mindedness.

Thus, it was revitalizing to audiences because the attractive girl was not playing drama queen, a spoilt brat or a backstabber!

The other contestants defied her and labelled that she was “triggering” everyone. This is when the ugliness of the other housemates was awake for everyone to see as they kept picking fights with her and ignored what she had to say.

With all this quarrels, Oviya innocently sauntered across the house and swayed every morning heartily.

Although she was voted three times into elimination by housemates, she was bailed out by the public admirably because of the undying love and obsession they have for her.

However, the veteran actor and anchor Kamal Hassan warned Oviya to not let the love get to her crown because the same audience that loves her conditionally, can hate her unconditionally.

It’s a game after all and Oviya is just part of it.

So, will the undying love and obsession for Oviya remain? Let’s wait and see!

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