Here's How You Should Perform Chitra Pournami Poojai At Home!

  • 19 Apr 2019

Chitra Pournami is a day to lessen our karmic records and sins, where many pray to Chitra Guptan, the Keeper of Deeds and the official bookkeeper of Yaman, the god of death.

Even though there are ways to cleanse your sins on this day by via genuine prayers, but many are not aware of the correct method to do so. 

On this day, after taking a bath in the morning, clean the entrance of the house. Proceed to put a maakolam or padi kolam with the south side open as a mark of the entrance to Lord Chitra Guptan.

Meanwhile, things such as paper, pencil, navadhanyam, rice and dhal which are required for the poojai should be prepared beforehand in the poojai room. 

For the neivedhyam, you can consider making sakkaraipongal, payasam or any other delicacies without salt as it will give an abundance of happiness to the whole family throughout the year. However, these delicacies should be made with buffalo milk and not cow's milk, and devotees should also avoid consuming milk or dairy products throughout the day because Chitra Guptan was born to Kamadhenu, the mother of all cows.

During the poojai, pray to Chitra Guptan to forgive our sins and consider our good deeds. You can also find Chitra Guptan slogams and chant. 

In terms of fasting, you can avoid eating for the entire day, or you can drink buffalo milk or curd rice made from buffalo milk without salt. 

The most important step of Chitra Pournami prayer is that your prayers should always be followed by good deeds. The best charity one could ever afford is feeding the poor and needy. This is indeed the simplest way to cleanse your sins and bad karma, however, it is important to do this genuinely with a pure heart. 

By doing this, you would not only be wiping out your sins, but will also be blessed as well.

Sourced from: IshtaDevata
Image credit: ParasakthiTemple, AstroVed, and MyCrafts

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