“Politics is in our DNA,” Says YB Kasthuri Patto

  • 28 May 2018

“Even a small star shines in the darkness.”

When MP Batu Kawan Kasthuriraani Patto won in GE13 and became the first Malaysian Indian woman to secure a seat in the Malaysian parliament, a light of hope was ignited among the Indian community in Penang. 

That year marked the beginning of a revolutionary transformation that we evidenced in this year’s election. However, her political career started long before GE13; when her late father P. Patto joined Democratic Action Party (DAP) and eventually became one of its senior politicians.

Born to highly charismatic parents who are actively involved in politics, YB Kasthuri joked that, ‘it’s in our DNA to be in politics.’ Following her father’s footsteps, she competed in GE13 and won. Thus, began her political journey and fight to be the ‘voice of rakyat’ in Malaysia. 

In Vizhuthugal, YB Kasthuri discussed her plans to bring changes at different levels. From amending the law to suit the needs of the ‘rakyat’ to implementing new plans to address the pressing issues, she explains how the future looks like for this year.

When asked if the transition from being a politician in the opposition party to Government will change anything, she said, “For five years, I was aggressively questioning the Government for the people. This will continue because it’s our duty to bring the people’s voice and ideas to the parliament.”

“The seeds of late politicians, my father P. Patto, Karpal Singh and many others have now grown into a tree. Now it’s our job to protect and enrich the tree,” she added.

Speaking about her late father P. Patto, YB Kasthuri shared that she draws her inspiration from his speeches. “Even today, many asked me if I can talk like my father. No, because no one can give a speech like my father. He’s extremely versatile and knowledgeable!”

“Times are changing and women are no longer limited by their gender. Many women are unaware of their rights and it’s our duty to be their voice and bring justice,” she stressed. For women who wish to venture into politics, she encouraged them to voice out against injustice.

“If women can be the Home Minister and Finance Minister in their families, why can’t they be given similar responsibilities in ruling the nation?” she questioned. What are your thoughts? Share with us!

Watch her full interview on Vizhuthugal here: 

Photo Credit: SeafoodNet Info

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