"We Only Seek Your Patience" - HR Minister M. Kulasegaran

  • 01 Jun 2018

Strong will and determination have brought him to the peak of his political career. It’s been 10 days since his appointment and his ministry has already leaped into action to make changes in the lives of Malaysians, especially the Indian community.

It’s none other than Malaysian HR Minister M. Kulasegaran who became one of the highlights in the recent elections. YB M. Kulasegaran’s political journey began 25 years ago when he contested and won in the 1997 by-election. 

When asked about winning GE14, he said, “It’s not easy. It's been 10 days and I'm sleepless. However, I’m truly grateful for the hope and trust Malaysians have on me.”

“We have made 25 promises to the people, and as I agree there are many obstacles to accomplish them, the Government will continue to strive and keep their promises. All we seek from the people is their patience,” he added.

Born and bred in Sitiawan, Perak, YB M. Kulasegaran hailed from a poor family who lived in the estate. He worked hard to be a lawyer and eventually got an opportunity to pursue his studies in London.

“My father was a self-made man. He used to cycle 30km to sell salt. It was a big inspiration for me,” he reminisced.

YB M. Kulasegaran believes that more than money the Indian community needs empowerment. The Ministry has planned skills training programmes to equip the younger generation with the skill-set needed to increase their employability.

“Indians’ unemployment rate is one of the highest in Malaysia. I requested for this Ministry from Tun M because it will allow me to reach out to the Indian community in Malaysia," he explained.

Malaysia is full of opportunities and as a start, the HR Ministry is going to set up kiosks in supermarkets to increase awareness and reach out to more people.

Watch YB M. Kulasegaran's interview on Vizhuthugal to learn more about his ideas and efforts to upgrade the Indian community: 


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