Here's Why You Should Not Waste Food!

  • 13 Oct 2019

This coming festive time or in general, please re-think your tactics for extravagant spending on food to the many mouths that you could be feeding instead!
As mentioned by Social Activist Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye in the article published on New Straits Times that food wastage has seemingly becoming a culture among Malaysians, especially during various festivals.
The Star Online has stated that around 15,000 tonnes of food are wasted per day by Malaysians and 8,000 tonnes or 60% of it is avoidable food waste and of that, 3,000 tonnes are still edible.  A quarter of an average Malaysian’s income is spent on food and beverages.

If you are wondering what you too can do to prevent food wastage, remember to share the abundance with the underprivileged families and homes for children, elderlies and individuals with disabilities.
Then too, if you are a staunch believer that, “Home is Where Your Heart is” then Charity does begin at home from your heart; you can start by empathizing in the spirit of celebrating life and giving back.   


4 benefits of reducing wasted food:

  1. You will spend less when buying less
  2. Lessens Methane, a greenhouse gas released by decomposed wastes from the landfills and lowers carbon footprint
  3. Preserves energy and resources by stopping pollution involving growing, manufacturing, transporting and retailing food (including transferring the food wasted and landfilling)
  4. Aids your community who might not have steady food supplies by providing untouched food that would have gone to waste otherwise
Apart from that, here are some tips for your own personal management from overbuying the next time you are shopping for food stuff,
  • Keep a running list of meals and their ingredients that you would prepare regularly. This would ease the time spent shopping and meals preparation
  • For all other meals, prepare a shopping list for the definite meals that you will eat at home
  • Stick to the list prepared for the week, before you go shopping to prevent buying unnecessary things
  • Be specific on the quantities that you need to buy, once again to avoid overbuying especially the fresh products like vegetables, fruits etc.
  • Do check your pantry before making the trip to the shop to avoid buying food you already have. Always make a list each week before you decide to replenish and plan your meal around what you already have first.
  • Lastly, buy only what you need to use and save the bulk buying for the food with longer expiry or shelf dates
So, be very thrifty to avoid food wastage and be charitable in contributing to others who are in need when you have in excess. Celebrate life with the joyous spirit knowing that by changing your choices, you have influenced others positively too.

Sourced from: TheStar, NST and EPAgov
Image credit: TheBetterIndia

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