Keyboard Warriors: Thanks for Your Support!

  • 15 Feb 2019

Wondering what 'Keyboard Warriors' mean? Let us break it down for you! If you have at least one of these traits, you are officially a keyboard warrior:

1. You show your anger and frustration in the online world, but almost never in real life
2. You hide behind the computer or smartphone screens to voice out your concerns and feedback (in harsh and inappropriate language)
3. You use 'words' as your weapon to hurt and insult others online
4. You bully personalities or  individuals in the name of 'freedom of speech'

So, we have a question for the keyboard warriors out there! If you are walking down the street, you see something or someone you don't like, what do you do?


A - You walk up to the person or thing and shout 'You are ugly and I don't like you!'
B - You show an angry or annoyed face instead of pretending to be nice and polite
C - You avoid the situation and mind your own business

Understandably, most regular people would go for Option C, for a number of reasons. They might be scared or not willing to waste time or even don't want to make a scene. So, why is it ok to make nasty comments and use inappropriate language when you encounter the same situation on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms?

If you don't like something, isn't it better to ignore or even better, drop in a message (constructive criticism) and raise your concern? Do you truly feel empowered by putting someone or an organisation down?

You spend hours in a day criticising how something could have been better—from content to government policies—however, not raising a finger to kickstart the changes by yourself.

The World Wide Web environment is toxic because of these keyboard warriors. While it's totally acceptable to express opinions online, the kind of language used will reflect your stand and value as a person or human being.

Let us know what you think! If you still choose to remain a keyboard warrior, there are only one thing to say to you. You are still supporting them and making their presence known to the entire digital world by spreading your hate!

Photo Credit: Medium, Data Science, iMDB

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