Are You In For The Trending #Trashtag Challenge?

  • 18 Mar 2019

New viral trends seem to be coming to life all the time, encouraging people to partake in various different kinds of challenges.

From the fun-loving What The Fluff Challenge, Invisible Challenge, Ice Bucket Challenge, Neymar Challenge and more; to the deadly Kiki Challenge, Falling Stars Challenge and Momo Challenge, these new crazes seem to be popping up among social media users all the time.

The latest trend is the Trashtag Challenge, which is aimed at encouraging people to save mother earth.

The trashes in some areas is not disposed of properly, causing it to end up in oceans or other random places. The new Trashtag Challenge motivates people to take a before and after picture - the first of a filthy place and then after it's been cleaned up.

So besides getting tons of likes and shares on social media, you will be actually saving our planet in the process.

Here's how this global #Trashtag #ChallengeForChange challenge is trending on social media:




Sri Lanka





If you're taking up this #Trashtag Challenge, do share your before and after picture with us!

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