Combat Diabetes With India's Native Fruit

  • 19 Apr 2019

Triphala which means “three fruits” in Sanskrit, is made from three fruits native to India.

Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki, when combined makes a powerful antioxidant that defends the body against free radicals and detoxifies the body.

It has been shown to be effective in combating Type 2 diabetes. 
According to the NCBI website, Triphala is a cornerstone of gastrointestinal and rejuvenative treatment.

It helps to inhibit starch digestion and absorption, which decreases postprandial hyperglycemia.

Similar effects are shown with diabetes pharmaceutical drugs, miglitol and acarbose, which also target these glycolytic enzymes. It also helps to decrease blood glucose and insulin levels in diabetic patients.

Triphala may also protect diabetics and those predisposed to diabetes through inhibition of glycation enzymes. High blood glucose created by glycation can cause severe nerve damage or blindness.

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