"We Actually Fight a Lot!" - Denes Talks About Being Married to Director Vimala

  • 16 May 2019

The celebrity couple, Denes and Vimala, are two names synonymous to the ever-evolving Indian entertainment scene in Malaysia. In their never-seen-before success of Vedigundu Passange, third installment of the Passange trilogy, the couple has broken quite a number of records.

Vedigundu Pasangge became the first Malaysian Indian film to join the Million Ringgit Club and to have screened in the United Kingdom. Most recently, they flew to Norway to receive the ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Female Actor’ awards at the 10th Norway Tamil Film Festival.

Since we had the opportunity to interview Denes right after their trip, he shared his experience with us:

"Of course, receiving the awards was epic. But, more than that, they screened Vedigundu Pasangge at the festival, and to receive positive feedback from the Tamilians who stay there was truly motivating. We were quite shocked they understood the Malaysian Tamil slang and even found it unique," he said.

The couple met filmmakers from France, German, Norway, and the UK who shared their thoughts about the film.

"We also met Indian directors Sasikumar and Arunraj who appreciated the film. The conversations we had with them were very interesting. To sum it up, I would say it's a fruitful trip!" Denes shared with his signature grin.

Now, back in Malaysia, the preparations of their new untitled film has begun. Denes and Vimala are working on the story together and they have announced the director, read all about it here: EXCLUSIVE: Denes-Vimala Upcoming Film's Director Revealed!

Curious, we asked how the couple manage their personal and professional lives despite working in the same industry, on same films. Denes has only one thing to say: Get rid of the ego!

"Yes, we are married and we work together. Once reaching the sets, I behave as a producer and she behaves like a director. Of course, there will be misunderstandings. We fight a lot. But it's fun, it never gets boring. We can gossip since we are in the same industry," Denes explained.

According to Denes, even when they are writing the story for their next film, differences in opinion often rise and arguments are unavoidable. 

"However, the moment production of the film begins, she's in charge and I respect her as a director," he added.

If you would like to watch his full interview, stay tuned at this space on Astro Ulagam! Their hit film Vedigundu Pasangge has been nominated in MICA Awards 2019 that is happening on 22nd May.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet them at the HGH Convention Hall, Sentul. For Gala Dinner tables, entry passes and invitations public may contact 019 2240 999 or visit for information.

Photo Credit: Denes & Vimala Instagram

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