Lippan art is a clay art form originating from the state of Gujarat, India, done mainly by villages from Kutch to decorate their homes by adding mud and cow dung, on the walls.

Now a local artist has entered the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for the second time this year, by creating the "Biggest Lippan Artwork."

Bala Murughan Parani Kumar from Kuala Lumpur achieved the feat on March 25, by creating an image of a Barathanatyam dancer, measuring almost five foot in height, and four feet in width.

It is worth noting that this is Bala Murughan's second record placement in the MBR.

Earlier in January, entered the book by creating a whopping 36 colourful Rangoli kolams in a day.

Bala Murughan identifies himself as a self-made canvas and rangoli artist and you can find his works of art at his Instagram pages here and here.

Kudos on your impressive achievement Bala Murughan!

Best wishes for creating/breaking more records in the future.

Source & Photos source: Facebook