We're beyond excited to share with you the top 20 shortlisted contestants of the Tamil Amutham Competition and the outstanding winners of the Ulagam Short Film Contest.

Ulagam Short Film Contest

Winners of this short film competition were selected from over 106 submissions. The champion took home RM10,000 in cash and will produce a telemovie that will premiere on Astro. First and second runner-ups took home RM8,000 and RM6,000 in cash respectively while seven consolation prize winners took home RM3,000 in cash each. Winners are as follows:

- Champion: Harinthiran A/L Manoharan
- First & Second runner-ups: Mahendran A/L Mohan and Mugheelan A/L Narayanasamy
- Consolation: Shathisnair A/L Gunalan, Kirushnan A/L Subramaniam, Sidhaarthan A/L Vadivelu, Risheekesan Nair A/L Baskaran, Nanthakumaran A/L Rajavijayan, Vijaygananth A/L Vadiveloo, and Pavithran A/L Morgan

Astro customers can enjoy these winning short films premiering every Monday till Friday, 8pm on Astro Vaanavil (Ch 201) via TV, Astro GO and On Demand.

Tamil Amutham

Top 20 contestants of this Tamil public speaking competition were shortlisted to participate in a series of face-off challenges. Astro customers can catch these contestants in action during live local infotainment talkshow ‘Saravedi Night with Aanantha & Uthaya’ at 9pm, every Friday on Astro Vaanavil (Ch 201) or stream anytime on Astro GO and On Demand.

Following these face-off challenges, the top 10 contestants will be selected by a panel of judges to participate in the grand finale on 3 Nov 2023 at the Agenda Suria Shopping Carnival, Open Carpark B, National Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Tamil Amutham winners will take home a total of RM 10,000 in cash as below:

The top 20 contestants are Jivithaselvi A/P N Mathy Yalagan, Vishakan A/L Dventaran, Tharshan Ram A/L Yogeswaran, Kaviyashree A/P Murugan, Nimala Ruban A/L Rajamanicam, Kabeesha A/P Nagarajan, Thamayanthyi A/P Ganapathy, Pugalini A/P Devan, Durgaashini A/P Rajamogan, Laavanyah A/P Poobalan, Bavishna A/P Ganesan, Jegatheeswari A/P Jegathees, Tasharathputran A/L Jared John, Kurumithaan A/L Kathi Gesan, Suriyalagan A/L N Mathy Yalagan, Saumiyaqh A/P Sivasangkar, Thaneessha A/P Purushothman, Khavinaashri A/P Seritheran, Thiruvanan A/L Batmanathan and Vishal A/L Ganesan.

Visit the Astro Ulagam WEBSITE for more information