Today marks the SECOND Aadi Velli where various Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon are being gloried and worshipped.

*Puranas behind Aadi Velli*

The Goddess manifested as Pachai Amman (an aspect of Goddess Parvati) to establish peace and harmony in the world. Pachai Amman or Kanni Amman, by her inherent energy appeared in many Holy centers and her presence enhanced the Divine Powers of these localities. In her manifestation of Thirumullaivaayal, She established peace and prosperity in the world. Also called the Goddess of marriage and fertility, she showers her blessings on young maidens aspiring for a suitable groom.

Each Friday of Aadi month is special in its own way. With that let’s have a look at the Goddess that each Friday reflects too..

During the Aadi Fridays, Goddess Shakti is revered in her different powerful forms as follows:
Dates of Aadi Velli dates that should take note in 2023:

1st Aadi Velli - 21st July 2023

2nd Aadi Velli - 28th July 2023

3rd Aadi Velli - 4th August 2023

4th Aadi Velli - 11th August 2023

Rituals of Aadi Velli
Unique Offerings
Benefits of Observing Aadi Velli VrathamHave a blessed Aadi Velli everyone!

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