To author a book and get it published is an achievement by itself.

But to write a book in a rare concept and to get the effort recognised by a renowned authority is a whole other level.

Naresh Kumar Sukumaran, 29, has achieved just that - by getting his work "The Basics", acknowledged by the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for penning the country's first book in the mirror-writing format.

To the uninitiated, mirror writing is formed by writing in the direction that is in reverse of the natural way of writing language. It appears normal when it is reflected in a mirror.

While renowned artist Leonardo Da Vinci was known to write most of his personal notes in this way, its modern iterations remain to this day. An example is the large mirror writing of the word Ambulance in front of the emergency service vehicles, where it would appear the normal way in a motorist's rear-view mirror.

According to reports, "The Basics" is a book about self-help- a topic which Naresh had been passionate about for the last decade.

Naresh told local daily The Sun that among the challenges faced in the project was finding time to complete the manuscript while juggling his own work.

He had to sacrifice his leisure time and burn the midnight oil, before the book was eventually self-published.

Naresh is now focusing on bringing the book to online platforms and local bookstores, as well as advertising the book both locally and internationally.

Congratulations for the great job Naresh!

At a time where many people have found only hurdles, Naresh has found the will to jump over them, and emerge victorious at the finishing line.

Here's wishing all the best to Naresh for his future endeavours.

"The Basics", released in early March, is available for download on Google Play Store here or the paperback version is available on this website.

Source: Facebook & The Sun
Photo source: Facebook & Naresh Kumar Instagram