Remember the Science teacher, Gomathy Sankaran - who has spread her wings across the world for her mind-blowing inventions?

YES, this time around, she has added yet another feather in her cap by being honoured with the Best Academician Award 2022. Spearheaded by the International Women Organization Canada, Gomathy is not calling it quits, yet.

Speaking about her mind-blowing inventions, the educator from SJK (T) Kangkar Pulai in Johor has won multiple international and local awards, for the past few years.

Besides bagging the Asia's Women Super Achievers Award 2020-21, the 49-year-old was honoured as Outstanding Science Teacher of the Year by Global Education, a non-governmental organisation based in India.

One of her inventions - an all-natural herbal useful in restoring hair growth, bagged a host of awards last year, and early this year.

The mother of two has also invested in a mobile application, which acts as a library for postgraduate students, who may face issues keeping tabs on their notes and materials.

Gomathy's inventions also picked up the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations 2020 Special Award and Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS) Special Award last year.

Despite the success of her inventions, Gomathy reportedly has no intention to turn them to business, as her main aim is to educate.

You’re such an inspiration for the Malaysians and also educators who look up to you, to date.

Image Credit / Source: Gomathy's Facebook , International Women Organization Canada