It is safe to day that there are two types of politicians.

One is the type who goes down to the ground when canvassing for votes, but goes conveniently missing when a disaster strikes at their own constituency.

The second type is one who goes the extra mile (quite literally) to help, even when the said incident happens outside their own jurisdiction, without much fanfare.

Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming belongs to the latter type.

The DAP lawmaker recently peddled his kayak through Taman Sri Muda in Shah Alam to rescue people trapped in six to eight-feet-deep floodwaters.

Ong, a seasoned kayaker who had peddled his way through various rivers in the Klang Valley in the past six years, said that he even wrecked two of his three kayaks, when they ran into some sharp submerged fences.

On Sunday, Ong managed to rescue about 40 people in 15 solo trips on his kayak, over a course of four hours, while the rest of his team rescued about 20 people.

"It was a very tiring effort as I was the only person peddling my kayak," he wrote on his official Facebook page.

Earlier the same day, Ong had carried out yet another rescue mission in flood-stricken Batu 11, Cheras, where we managed to bring a handful of people to safety.

Days after the flood waters have receded, Ong is still on the ground, helping his constituents with food supplies and clean-up efforts.

Since Cheras, which falls under his constituency, is also hit by water cuts as a result of the flooding, Ong is also helping to monitor the situation with the relevant authorities.

Not surprisingly, Ong has won the hearts of netizens with his heroic act, with them comparing him to most other politicians, who only arrive at tragedy-stricken areas after the air has cleared, to get photo opportunities.

A very commendable act indeed, YB! You are truly a rare breed of politician not commonly seen in the country.

Not only did Ong go beyond his own scope of duty to help people, he also did it without much hullabaloo, or photo opportunity.

The country will indeed be a better place if there were more elected lawmakers who think and act like him.

Photos source: Ong Kian Ming Facebook.