Have you ever imagined having an Indian Barbie doll in the world of an iconic brand?

With producing high-demand dolls in the global market, Mattel - the Barbie-style company, introduced a new collection of Indian Barbie doll in collaboration with Deepica Mutyala, the YouTuber, CEO, and Founder of Live Tinted cosmetics line.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Deepica has mentioned that:

"Powerful as her appearance. Her skin is TINTED, her eyes big, and her brows bold. She wears her jhumkas & bangles proudly with her power suit. She is ready to take on the world. Her identity is hers.”

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With grabbing much attention across social media, it perfectly captures her beauty, grace, and poise. Acknowledging the importance of representation, this is indeed a unique re-creation by Deepica.

"When I look at my nieces and nephews, it's a whole other world for them. It's not that discrimination is gonna go away overnight. But I do believe that seeing those faces in the media, holding the dolls in your hand that look like you, those are the things that change entire generations, and the way that they function and how the world works," says Deepica Mutyala, founder and CEO of Live Tinted.

Indeed, 'dream come true’ moment for those who have been yearning for this one-kind-of-doll.
Leads with empathy & kindness, this doll breaks cultural barriers; aims high with intention.

This is undoubtedly a significant step towards inclusivity, and we hope the day is not too far off when the picture of a tall, blonde, and slim girl won't come to our minds instead of one that represents our own culture.

Iamge Credit / Source: Vogue India