A young Russian boy, namely Asir Rahman has captured the attention of the Internet with his impressive fluency in the Tamil language.

His viral Instagram video, where he discusses the availability of Idly and Dosai flour in Russia (ரஷ்யாவுல இட்லி தோசை மாவு கிடைக்குமா?), has garnered over one million views and continues to attract widespread admiration.

Watch the video below:

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The clip showcases Asir Rahman's remarkable proficiency in Tamil, sparking a wave of appreciation from viewers who are amazed by his linguistic skills. Additionally, Asir Rahman has shared videos demonstrating his passion for Tamil cuisine, including a video about making Biryani.

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Netizens have been consistently impressed by Asir Rahman's Tamil fluency, leaving positive feedback and admiration for his dedication to sharing his language and culinary experiences online.

Source / Image Credit : Tamil In Russia