Denes Kumar, a prominent figure in the Malaysian entertainment industry and a cornerstone of Veedu Production, has achieved a significant milestone by producing Pasanga 2, a series spanning 100 episodes on Astro Vinmeen.

Challenges of producing a 100-episode series!

Well, that's not an easy piece of cake for sure.

Directing or producing any film, short, or series is a challenging endeavour. When asked about the hurdles faced during the production of Pasanga 2, Denes Kumar highlighted human management and scheduling as primary concerns. "Working on 100 episodes, equivalent to 50 hours of runtime, required an extensive shooting schedule of 120 days with a large cast. We encountered emotional breakdowns and misunderstandings among the cast and crew," he explained.

Despite location issues and character relevancy challenges, the cast's understanding of the hectic schedules facilitated a smoother completion of the shoot.

Speaking about Denes Kumar’s role in Pasanga 2

In Pasanga 2, Denes reprises his role as Raja from Season 1. Describing his character as hardworking, loving, and loyal to his friends, Denes shared the difficulties of portraying Raja, especially as the character faces numerous daily life challenges.

Memorable moments and emotional scenes

Every scene in Pasanga 2 holds a special place in Denes Kumar's heart. He recounted one particularly emotional scene where his character is deeply hurt by derogatory remarks about a friend, causing him to cry spontaneously. This moment, among others, has left a lasting impression on him.

With high hopes for audience reception, Pasanga 2 is set to premiere on August 12. New episodes will air every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM on Vinmeen, with catch-up viewing available via Astro Go and on demand.