The much-anticipated Malaysian action thriller flick is all set to make its way to theaters nationwide on 16th February 2023.

The film revolves around a police officer who fights to stop a group of youngsters from using drugs. The cast members of Aadhitya Arunachalam includes prominent artists Gaffar, Ben G, Banumathi, Mcva, Aghoderan, Shamini, Lingeswaran, Kogila, Ruben, Vijay, Kavi and more. The privilege to play the primary lead hero was given to Gaffar, who is well recognized for his endeavors as a restaurant business owner and who is devoted to spreading a message to society.

Touted to be Ben G’s first directorial film, Aadhitya Arunachalam is produced by Dato AK. The presentation of this film will be premiered in GIF format with 2D motion graphics (Graphics Interchange Format).

With much honour, Frame Focus will be releasing this film while Poketplay Films is glad to have the opportunity to bring Aadhitya Arunachalam film to all theaters across Malaysia and Singapore this month. With the press conferences held at MBO Atria Mall, Petaling Jaya, they are pleased to provide the audience with the choice of enjoying the latest Tamil Malaysia blockbuster movie.

Let's support our local film's unique masterpiece by watching it at the nearest theatres.