Ayurveda believes that any kind of symptom – be it arthritis, a migraine, or even cancer – is your body's way of signalling that you are out of balance, and that something needs to change.

Ayurveda sets to put the body back into balance in order for the body find a way to heal itself.

If you are in need for some tender loving care, head to one of these retreats in Kerala to get that much deserved healing and rest.


This beach resort is located on a cliff with the view of the Arabian Sea. It is a great place to spend some quality time with the family. And while you are going for the Ayurvedic treatments, your children will be kept busy with activities which includes pottery classes, mehndi designing, glass painting, coffee painting and even milking cows! Aside from taking long walks on the private beach, there is also a private tour of the local fish market (Kerala is, after all, famous for its fish).

Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village

The Keralan-style houses, circular cottages and thatched villas are crafted from eco-friendly materials overlooking the beach. With more than 600 varieties of herbs grown and preserved here for use in medicinal preparations, the herbs are also used in the 250 Ayurveda vegetarian dishes, raw salads and juices provided to their guests. The menu is specially designed according to the Vatha, Pitha and Kapha body types.

Kairali Healing Village

This spa resort is considered to be one of the best Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala and has been awarded as India's Leading Spa Resort numerous times. Surrounded by trees, the villas were designed according to the Vaastu Sastra principles. With their own in-house doctors, guests can be guaranteed a relaxing and healing time away from pollution and even cigarettes as smoking is prohibited on the property.

Poovar Island Resort

Flanked by the Arabian Sea on the east and the Ghats on the west, this island resort can be considered as a tropical paradise as it is considered to be the home of many exotic birds in the country. Guests can also choose to either stay on the floating or land cottages. Take advantage of their specialsied body massages that will guarantee to melt away all the aches and pains.

Source: Indian Express
Photo source: Booking.com, whyayurveda.org