Dengue cases in the country are reportedly on the rise. According to the Health Ministry, the total number of cases for the first five months of the year has jumped 52.4 percent (16,145) from the 10,597 cases reported in the corresponding period last year.

States like Sarawak, Kedah, and Johor in particular, have seen significant rise in the number of cases, say reports.

At a time where the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to subside, it is crucial for us to know, and recognize the symptoms of dengue, which can turn fatal if not attended to.

Here are some signs and symptoms of the illness, borne by the Aedes mosquito, for your information:Experts have said that about one in 20 person who get dengue will develop severe form of the illness, including shock, internal bleeding, and even death.

Those who have caught dengue in the past are more likely to develop severe dengue if they catch it again.

It is worth noting that mild dengue symptoms are often confused with other illnesses. Thus, it is crucial to get tested as soon as you show signs.

Dengue symptoms typically lasts between two and seven days, and most people will recover after about a week if they get ample rest at home. However, those displaying severe symptoms should immediately see their healthcare provider.

There is no specific drug that can treat dengue, but patients are advised to drink plenty of water, preferably with added electrolytes, to prevent dehydration.

Source: FMT,
Photo source: Pexels