National University of Malaysia's (UKM) Faculty of Science and Technology proudly presents Brentha Murugan, a 24-year-old graduate, as the recipient of the esteemed Royal Education Award.

This ambitious environmentalist's academic journey reflects a tale of unwavering dedication, countless study sessions, and familial support that culminated in her achieving the Dean's List distinction in every semester, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Science with Honours (Environmental Science) and a CGPA of 3.94.

“This achievement is more than just a recognition; it's a tale woven with the threads of dedication, countless late nights of study sessions, and the unyielding support from my amazing family.” - Brentha

Beyond academic achievements, Brentha's narrative extends to her passion projects, Food Xcess and Food Power. Collaborating with visionary friends Piraveen Andrian and Cai See Kam, Food Power emerged as an innovative initiative converting food waste into electricity using bacterial power.

Balancing ground-breaking projects with academic pursuits showcased Brentha's resilience and determination. Inspired by her parents, the pillars of her strength, and her younger sister, Sneha Murugan, a beacon of inspiration, Brentha acknowledges the importance of familial support in her journey.

Her story embodies the fusion of education and action, turning her mother's words—'Education is the only weapon we have to change the world'—into a guiding light. Food Power and Food Xcess exemplify the philosophy of using education to make a tangible impact, addressing environmental concerns with creativity and purpose.

As Brentha stands at the intersection of academia and environmental innovation, she emphasises that true success lies not just in academic achievements but in applying knowledge to create a positive impact on the world.