As the competition intensifies on the Big Stage Tamil Season 2, Quarter Final 2 unfolds with a blend of anticipation and growing competition. Here are the standout performances and insightful comments from the esteemed judges:

Yoshiny: Despite a minor lyrical mishap, Yoshiny commenced the competition with a confident rendition of "Vaseegara".

Thesyalan: While Thesyalan's choice of "Oru Malai" garnered mixed feedback regarding pronunciation and pitching, his second-round performance showcased commendable confidence.

Thivya: Thivya impressed with her rendition of "Yaaro Manathile", although slight tempo deviations were noted. Nevertheless, her vocal prowess was undeniable.

Devaswara: Opting for "Mudhal Kanave" initially, Devaswara faced critical feedback but bounced back admirably in the second round, earning applause for his resilience.

Unnitheivan: Setting the stage ablaze with "Arali Vethaiyil", Unnitheivan's performance earned admiration, particularly from Dr. Burn, who offered valuable insights for improvement.

Nittyan: With a captivating rendition of "June Ponal", Nittyan showcased his vocal prowess, impressing both judges and audience alike.

Jeevanraj: Despite initial Sruthi issues in "Puyale Puyale", Jeevanraj redeemed himself in the second round, earning praise for his improved performance.

Lachman: Commencing with "Uyirin Uyire", Lachman's performance garnered constructive feedback, particularly regarding pronunciation and emotional delivery.

As Devaswara and Jeevanraj bid farewell to this round, the remaining contestants are lauded for their exceptional talent and perseverance. Congratulations to the advancing contestants, and best wishes for the upcoming rounds of the competition.

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