Time flies when you're mesmerized by amazing talent. From auditions to Semi Final 2, the journey on Big Stage Tamil S2 has been nothing short of spectacular. Who will shine in the spotlight next?

Let’s turn our gaze towards the six contestants preparing to battle it out in this round.

The electrifying presence of Yogi B, the Godfather of Tamil Hiphop, and Sollisai Thalaivan Dr. Burn lights up the stage of Big Stage Tamil Season 2!

Unnitheivan received praise from Dr. Burn for stepping up his performance, with suggestions to fine-tune Tamil pronunciation, while Yogi B emphasized the importance of starting confidently.

Lachman mesmerized the audience with his rendition of ‘Pudhu Vellai Mazhai’. Preetha showered him with compliments for his stunning performance and captivating expressions, with Yogi B expressing eagerness to witness Lachman's talent on a larger stage.

Thivya captivated with her rendition of “Malargale Malargale”, receiving applause from Dr. Burn for her improvement and full embrace of the performance. Yogi B encouraged her to break out of her comfort zone for a more dynamic stage presence.

Yoshiny delivered the soul-stirring melody ‘Margazhi Thingal’. Preetha acknowledged previous pitching issues and advised bringing a unique identity to the performance.

Thesyalan ignited the stage with “Varaha Nathi Kara”. Dr. Burn appreciated his fitting voice and recommended attention to detail, while Yogi B commended his emotional delivery.

Nittyan set the perfect vibe with ‘En Kadhale’! Preetha and Yogi B were impressed, noting his ability to convey the original singer’s emotion.

Congratulations to the contestants who have entered the final round of Big Stage Tamil S2!