Kamal Hassan’s epic entry with mass crowds of fans cheering him is just a glimpse of the excitement spread across India and Malaysia. Bigg Boss 2 Tamil is officially back and the contestants' list this time is creating a stir of curiosity even for Ulaganayagan himself.

As expected the episode began with a detailed tour by host Kamal Hassan around the Bigg Boss villa highlighting the additions and enhancements from the previous season. Most importantly, this time, the villa is equipped with a jail-like room inside with no facilities or even a fan.

Now, let's dive into the most anticipated contestants list who we will be watching closely for the next 100 days. A total of 16 contestants have entered the Bigg Boss villa. Check out the list:

Yashika Anand



Daniel Annie Pope



Ananth Vaidyanathan

Ramya NSK





Mamathi Chari


Shariq Hassan

Aishwarya Dutta

"Nallavar Yaar Kettavar Yaar?"

In line with the tagline of this season, it's too soon to judge anyone. The list of contestants has raised a number of questions as to who would survive the next 100 days. On top of that, actress Oviya will make a guest appearance in the villa for a few days. Oviya army, stay alert!

Now that we know the names, we're sure you must have already found your favourite stars. Will they still be your favourite after 100 days? Only time will reveal!

Photo Credit: Vijay TV