Aamir Khan, who turns 54 today, has more to his personality than just being Bollywood's "Mr. Perfectionist".

He is also a celebrity with a heart of gold, putting his brand image to good use.

Khan is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, and that, along with the many other humanitarian causes he champions was actually what pushed him into his first television stint.

In 2012, together with a childhood friend, he created a TV series called Satyamev Jayate (Truth only prevails) which became the first prime-time TV show in India to expose the country's most critical social issues - from rape to female foeticide to dowry killings.

It became a platform which brought out the evils in Indian society out in the public, and up for debate and discussion.

That’s what brought us in discovering this interesting documentary titled Aamir Khan: The Snake Charmer:

Khan became the first Bollywood star in India to openly talk about these controversial and sensitive societal issues. Kudos to AK for his goodwill in initiating the ground-breaking show, which hopefully drives positive change and persuades more of Bollywood’s icons to follow suit.


Happy 54th birthday AK and more power to you!

Source: Al-Jazeera, Polkacafe, gulfnews, Indianexpress