The bio section of her Instagram proudly carries this hashtag: #KissedByCancer. It's a testament to her strength of will; nothing can bring this woman down, not even a deadly disease that kills millions every year.

Navi Indran Pillai is a cancer survivor. Despite battling the deadly disease, she is determined to see the good in everything, and her positivity and mental strength is an inspiration to those around her.

Recently, she released a series of pictures of herself dressed as a Indian bride. The photographs, taken by photographer Celes Gerard, went viral on Instagram. The concept of the series, titled 'Bold Indian Bride', was to empower cancer survivors and patients to embrace their journey and feel beautiful no matter how cancer and its treatments transform them. Here's what Navi herself had to say about it:

Cancer treatments have given us a lot of limitations, robbed us of beauty and taken away our confidence. As little girls, we have always dreamt of what our big day will be like and how we would look like as a bride. But having cancer has stripped some of us from fulfilling these dreams. A lot of cancer survivors have postponed or even canceled their big day.

As a cancer survivor, I dreamt of the day I would marry the love of my life. Dreamt what it is like to look like a bride, to feel like a bride. Having gone through cancer treatments (chemotherapy, etc.), losing my hair was by far the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I felt that I was not beautiful enough to be loved and not beautiful enough to look or ever feel like a bride. Hair, is our 'crowning glory' and having that taken away is devastating. But we choose to accept what we have, appreciate what we are and welcome what is coming.

So here it is, Bold Indian Bride...

"Proud to be a cancer survivor. Cancer has affected us in so many different ways however good or bad, we don't and will not let it control our lives."

"Today, I can proudly say that with a positive mindset, unconditional love and support, prayers and modern medicines, we can beat this deadly disease."

"Believe we can, believe in God and believe in yourself. Love yourself and surround yourself with positivity and everything will fall into place."

The photographer has captured her beauty and boldness in every frame. He understood her vision.

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"Navi Indran Pillai told me her idea was to portray herself as a bride but has got loads of complications to deal with, and this bride is going to be an example, that life still can go on if you put your heart to it. This bride made the whole concept effortless for me!"

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

Talent: @NaviIndranPillai
Silk Saree & Bridal Veil: @PattuShastra
Bangles & Bridal Anklet: @DesirecMY
Make-up & Styling: @BlushBeautyBeyond
Assisted by: @Emmanuel_Ravi98
Photography Team: @CelesGrd & @Shi.vaa90
Henna: @Bdazzled_Beauty