Most adults may not be able to tell apart one dinosaur from another, but five-year-old Siddhar Kanagarajah can remember and identify up to 198 dinosaur names!

For his remarkable feat, Siddhar was last month awarded a certificate by the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for the "most dinosaur species identified in a minute by a child".

He named a whopping 80 dinosaur species in one minute, at an assessment session conducted at MBR's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, reported Free Malaysia Today (FMT).

Speaking to the portal, Siddhar quipped that he was able to achieve the feat, as he was "brave", and felt "happy, excited and blessed" afterwards.

The boy's mother Komathi Subermaniam told the portal that she helped him prepare and practise for the record creating event twice a week.

Siddhar, who studies at an international school, aspires to be a paleontologist when he grows up, as well as a businessman like his father.

He said that he loves dinosaurs because they are "so cool and unique", and his favourite species is Tyrannosaurus Rex.

According to Komathi, Siddhar's interest in dinosaurs began when he was just two, when he started watching TV programmes on the giant reptiles. He eventually moved on to improve his knowledge via YouTube videos.

A collection of dinosaur toys the boy's father, Kanagarajah Rajah, has bought for him has made his passion deeper.

Kudos on your very impressive achievement, little one. May you go on to learn more and achieve greater feats in the future, and make your family, and the country proud!

Source & Photos source: FMT