Most adults would face issues in identifying car models, let alone recognizing vehicles from their logos.

But little L. Raguram has created a national record by identifying a whopping 190 car logos in just five minutes - and he's just six!

For the impressive feat, Raguram recently secured a spot in the Malaysia Book of Records as a child who has identified the most number of car logos within five minutes.

According to Raguram's mother, 34-year-old dentist Dr P. Ranganayaki Devi, her son's interest in cars began when he was just four, partly due to his engineer father L. Letchumanan, 37, who is also a car enthusiast.

She said that her son loves the electric car model Tesla and one day, hopes to meet with its CEO, billionaire Elon Musk.

Little Raguram also aspires to be a car scientist and develop environmental friendly cars when he grows up, The Star quoted the proud mother saying.

The family first noticed Raguram's remarkable memory skills when he could name the different national flowers of many countries when he was just three.

Now the boy, who attends a private international school, can also recognize many insects and animals and converse in Mandari.

According to Ranganayaki further, her son was an inquisitive boy who liked to ask many questions, and loved watching videos about robots and shows about game reviews in his spare time, instead of cartoons as kids in his age group do.

Kudos Raguram for this very impressive achievement, and congratulations to the parents for raising the child right.

May he go on to achieve more greatness in the future.

Source: The Star
Photos: Facebook