Your child’s safety is your responsibility!

A recent incident involving a child falling from a moving car during a U-turn at a traffic light has deeply impacted us all. It is a stark reminder of the unforeseen dangers that exist. We must reflect on what could have gone wrong and consider vital precautions for the safety of our children when traveling by car.

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Stay one step ahead: Preventing falls in babies and toddlers....

Vehicle child lock - one of the utmost important measure that need a special mention in this article.

To avert such incidents and safeguard against injuries, it is imperative to use a car safety seat on every occasion your child is in a car.

All infants and toddlers should be placed in rear-facing car safety seats until they reach the weight or height limit specified by the manufacturer. It is crucial to ensure that these safety seats are correctly installed and used in strict accordance with the provided instructions and your car's owner's manual.

The safest location for children of all ages during car rides is the back seat.

Additionally, it is vital never to leave your child unattended in or around a vehicle. Always keep vehicles and their trunks locked, as children left in a car can be exposed to life-threatening heatstroke within minutes.

They could become entangled in power windows or accidentally shift the vehicle into gear. A good practice is to walk around your car before reversing, as a child may not be visible in the rear-view mirror.

Taking this matter into consideration, we must remember that the most significant threat to our children's well-being is the risk of injury. Hence, taking every necessary precaution while driving can make all the difference in keeping our children safe.

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